Navigating Your Finances God’s Way

What is it?

A course developed by Compass Canada, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping people understand financial management from a christian perspective.

Who is it for?

Anyone looking for a comprehensive study of what the Bible teaches about personal finances.

What is the time commitment?

The nine week course includes one online discussion meeting per week with about three hours of homework per week.

“I wish I’d learned about these financial truths years ago. Perhaps, I would have avoided many financial hardships.  Studying the materials with others helped me take ownership and course correct in the safety of people who’ve been there themselves and weren’t judgemental towards my mess ups. With a safe community to process these biblical truths, I’m establishing a deeper biblical standard for my life and finding financial health and freedom.”

Karen Paterson, Regina

This course covers what the Bible teaches on ownership, debt, the role of honesty and wise counsel, generosity, work, saving and investing, and dealing with crisis.

It takes 9 weeks. Each of the nine workbook chapters is divided into 6 days of homework material that must be completed before the weekly discussion meeting. The daily time commitment is about 30 minutes.

Each chapter investigates what the bible teaches on a particular subject and provides practical tools for applying what you’ve learned to your own financial situation. 

While the course conveys a christian understanding of finances, it is not limited to christian participants. If you are curious about the topic, but don’t identify as a christian, you are still welcome. Meeting groups are safe places to discuss ideas in a non-judgmental atmosphere.



‘Navigating Your Finances God’s Way’

  • 250 page coil-bound workbook, which contains blank forms for personal application

‘Your Money Counts’ 

  • 164 page paperback to be read prior to starting course.


The course materials and fee are $60 (CAN).


We run our online course through out the year. Contact us below for the next course start date.



  • The course material can be studies on your own. The course contains a lot of material, so we recommend this only if you feel confident that you can perservere through it on your own. 


  • When it comes to changing our financial thinking, being part of a community encourages us and helps us achieve our goals. Joining one of our online discussion groups is the recommended way to take the course. 


  • We are always looking for faciliators who are passionate about helping others manage their finances wisely. 
  • The ‘Navigating Your Finances God’s Way’ course is ideal for your weekly small group study, adult sunday school class, or just a circle of close friends or family. We recommend hosting an online class until social distancing measures are lifted.
  • Participating in the online course prior to facilitating your own is helpful, but not a pre-requesite. Contact us below and we can help you get started.


Course Sign-up

Contact us if you want to participate in ‘Navigating Your Finances God’s Way‘. You can also call or text us at the number below.

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